Simple make-up: three steps for you to kick ass in production

Making a simple and effective make-up is not necessarily an easy thing. You need to know exactly which products to use to get a natural and illuminated result in a short time and with few products. We will give you the main tips to ally perfection to simplicity.

Simple make-up – a peach skin

The best way to uniform the skin in a fast and practical way is by betting on the fold corrective + bronzer.

First, you must disguise all the imperfections with the concealer and then apply it in some strategic places to lighten the face. Then, come with the bronzer to mark well the drawing of your face apple, create shadows and harmony.

If you have a little more time, combine the concealer with an illuminator for the internal area of the eyes, trunk of the nose and apples of the face. It will help to give a light glow that will make all the difference for those seeking a more glamorous make.

You can use different brushes for the application of makeup, or pass the products on the skin with your fingers.

Simple make-up – expressive eyes in a few steps

If you seek objectivity when it comes to eye make-up, have a creamy shadow always with you. A duo, then, with a lighter and darker color, will be the perfect joker!

Apply with your fingertips the darkest color on your eyelid and come with the lightest color on the inside and closest to your eyebrows. The illuminator we mentioned on the skin preparation will make the final effect well glued to the eyebrows and corner of the eyes.

To finish, a good mascara that you can apply at least twice to get very thick. That’s it! That alone will be enough to make your eyes very expressive.

If you have a little more time, use a pencil to correct the imperfections on your eyebrows. You can be sure that it will make a difference in the final result of the face frame.

Simple make-up – wonderful mouth in a few steps

You have three good options to finish the make-up with a wonderful mouth:

Use a matte lipstick that will contrast well with the creaminess you applied to the eyes;
Invest in a creamy lipstick to harmonize with the rest of the makeup; or
Fall fearlessly into the creamy gloss if you are looking for a less dramatic look.
It all depends on your time, state of mind and the kind of event you are going to.

If you are looking for a more worked mouth, prepare your lips with a little concealer to capricate in the adherence of the products and make an outline with a mouth pencil a darker tone of the lipstick you intend to use.


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