How to clean makeup brush: know the step by step

You may not even pay attention to it.

But did you know that makeup brushes accumulate bacteria and fungi that can even cause diseases like mycosis, herpes and dermatitis?

That’s why it’s super important to make the correct hyalinization of these utensils. Follow this post and learn exactly how to clean a makeup brush.

How to clean make-up brush?

If you have already asked yourself this question, it is very possible that you have made other variations of it… want to know how to clean makeup base brush, eyebrow brush, or even if it is possible to clean the brush with detergent? Because know that you can and should clean all your make-up brushes. And the way to do this is easier than you think.

The best way to clean makeup brush is by washing the utensil. You can use neutral detergent, neutral shampoos or even specific products for that.

To not harden the bristles of the brush, just mix some of the soap, shampoo or detergent to warm water in a little glass. Be careful so that the water does not reach the brush’s end and stays only on the bristles. Put the brushes there and make the movement to mix lightly.

Then, pass the brush on a paper towel to see if all the dirt has come out. Repeat the process until the water that comes out on the paper towel is clean.

How to dry the make-up brushes?

The best way to dry the make-up brushes is naturally. After washing, you should put them in a ventilated, airy place and leave them for a few hours until the bristles dry well.

You can support them on a clean towel or even on some sheets of paper towel. Attention: never dry your brushes with a dryer, because the heat may deteriorate the bristles and melt the glue, making the utensil unusable.

When to wash the make-up brushes?

For those who make up daily, it is worth cleaning the makeup brush every 15 days. The brushes you use less can be cleaned once a month. The important thing is that you do it periodically to avoid that the accumulation of humidity, which causes the growth of fungi and bacteria.

What is the best way to store the make-up brushes?

After properly cleaned, the ideal is to store your make-up brushes in cans or jars in a ventilated place, but not too dusty. When stored inside boxes, cases or necessaires, the brushes can have their bristles deformed.


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