Natural Contouring

Natural Contouring

This is one of the best ways to enhance your features but it needs to be done well, keep it natural and it’s all in the blending too so make sure you have good quality & soft blending brushes. The simple way to do this for the cheeks is in 3 steps and use a highlighter, bronzer (preferably matt) and a blusher. My favourite products for this are Benefit’s ‘Hoola’ Bronzer, Nars Blush in ‘Orgasm’ & their ‘Highlighter Blush Powder’ 

Start by sucking in your cheeks and look in the mirror, take your bronzer and apply underneath the cheek bone blending well (use a large soft blending brush). Then to apply your blusher smile in the mirror to show the apples of your cheeks, apply the blusher to the apples of your cheeks and sweep upwards. Finally apply your highlighter, I always say to clients to almost imagine a back to front ‘C’ just below their eye socket which is just above the cheeks bones & sweep a large blending brush in that area, again upwards. 

If you are looking to contour your nose for example it is best to buy some good quality products specifically for contouring & again apply the rule that natural is key, so begin with less is more & make sure your get practice in. The basic rule is dark goes to the areas you would like to minimise and light to the areas you would like to enhance, so for example if you wanted to lengthen your nose then you would apply the darker contouring product to the sides of your nose & the highlighter along the the bridge to the tip of your nose. Try SmashBox’s Step By Step Contouring Kit or Sleek’s contouring pallets that come in light & medium, they are simple & easy to use & blend very well!


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