6 Month Beauty Countdown To Your Big Day

6 Month Beauty Countdown To Your Big Day

6 Months

Start thinking about adopting a good skin care routine, make sure you cleanse, tone & moisturise everyday then exfoliate twice a week. Start making a habit of drinking plenty of water to cleanse your system & keep your skin clear.

3 Months

Think about what make-up look you would like to go for, visit your local cosmetic counters for free advice & ideas. If you would prefer to have your make-up applied professionally, decide on who you would like to book with. 

1 Month

Arrange your Make-Up Trial with your Make-up Artist or if you are doing this yourself do a full trial run of how your make-up will look so you feel confident applying it on the day.

2 Weeks

Think about your dress & how much will be on show skin wise, for example your arms, back & shoulders. Make sure you exfoliate regularly & apply body cream for smooth skin. If opting for a spray tan, book in & have a trial session.

1 Week

Organise hair removal & book into your salon for leg & bikini waxing as well as any facial hair removal, plus an eyebrow shape as this point is a good idea. If opting for a spray tan this should be applied 2 days before the wedding date (allow a 48 hour period after waxing).

Day Before

Best thing to do is relax & most importantly get an early night so you have plenty of beauty sleep! Don’t opt for any last minute beauty routines such as face masks as these can over stimulate the skin & cause the dreaded last minute break out!

The Wedding Morning

If you are doing your own make-up, start about 1.5hrs before you want to get into your dress so you have plenty of time, moisturise well beforehand & apply a make-up primer so it will last well, also make sure you have a good light & a steady hand! If you have a make-up artist there on the morning they will advise on what to do & when. Then finally you are beautifully radiant & ready to step out for your big day!


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